Not only is Tiktaalik an important fossil, the missing link between fish and tetrapods (anything with four legs, including us), but its name is really fun to say (though I might be biased because it sounds a little like my name). It’s also a cute little critter who is fun to draw. Last week, after seeing Tiktaalik’s cameo in the first episode of the new version of Cosmos, this drawing popped into my head.

I imagine it yelling "rock out!"

Rock it like Tiktaalik!

Which lead to this:

I just flew in from the Canadian Arctic, and boy are my arms tired.

Tiktaalik takes to the sky

And this:

I'm assuming it has heat-shielding on its tail.

Tiktaalik on a Rocket!

Judging by the doodles in my sketchbook, there are more of these to come.

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