Not only is Tiktaalik an important fossil, the missing link between fish and tetrapods (anything with four legs, including us), but its name is really fun to say (though I might be biased because it sounds a little like my name). It’s also a cute little critter who is fun to draw. Last week, after seeing Tiktaalik’s cameo in the first episode of the new version of Cosmos, this drawing popped into my head.

I imagine it yelling "rock out!"

Rock it like Tiktaalik!

Which lead to this:

I just flew in from the Canadian Arctic, and boy are my arms tired.

Tiktaalik takes to the sky

And this:

I'm assuming it has heat-shielding on its tail.

Tiktaalik on a Rocket!

Judging by the doodles in my sketchbook, there are more of these to come.

Future Crows

I'm not sure how it actually puts that backpack on.I’ve always been interested in time travel, and the more I learn about corvid intelligence, the more I suspect they might one day become the dominant civilization on Earth. Throw those in a mental blender, and you get this.